Reuse Applications

We all know that water is a precious resource and one that can not be squandered. There is a growing realization that it often is more energy efficient to use reclaimed wastewater to meet certain water needs rather than using potable drinking water. Some examples of this include; golf course irrigation, toilet flushing, make up water for chillers or even indirect potable reuse. For those wishing to be stewards for our water resources a Kubota MBR system is a great place to start.

The microporous structure of our membranes provides a positive barrier between the pathogens and viruses found in wastewater and the clean, clear permeate leaving our systems. This means that you can be confident that the effluent from your Kubota MBR will be compliant with Title 22 regulations for reclaimed water. In fact our membranes have been shown to provide at least 3 log removal of viruses such that our permeate is non-detect for coliforms before disinfection.

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