Nutrient Removal

We all know wastewater regulations only go one direction; tighter and tighter. This is certainly true for nutrients where some owners are needing to meet TN levels of 3 mg/L or less or TP limits of less than .1 mg/L. Your facility may not be at that point yet but doesn’t it make sense to plan now for what you’re almost certain to face in the future? If so, then consider a Kubota MBR system to help you meet those nutrient requirements.

Are you concerned about Nitrogen, whether it be ammonia or Total Nitrogen? A Kubota MBR system will allow you to meet the strictest limits in the smallest footprint available. By operating our systems at high MLSS concentrations we are able to improve the performance of our anoxic basins while the oxygen provided by the air scouring our membranes improves nitrification. Also, our team of experts in wastewater microbiology develop sophisticated models of our systems during the design phase to provide you with the confidence that your system will perform as promised.

If, on the other hand, you’re concerned with phosphorus, then the Kubota MBR system is perfect for your needs. By providing a positive barrier between the solids and the permeate leaving the system, we ensure that no particulate phosphorus escapes in the effluent. Thus concerns about phosphorus carryover are eliminated. For those with extremely low phosphorus limits our in-house experts are once again able to develop sophisticated models that provide certainty that you’ll stay in compliance with your NPDES permit.

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