Industrial Systems

Do you need to treat your industrial wastewater before discharging it to the local POTW? Do you want to significantly lower water consumption at your facility to increase your sustainability? Do you want to expand your production capacity but are limited by your current wastewater treatment system? If so, then contact Kubota today to learn how our MBR systems have helped owners in the food and bev, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries with their unique wastewater needs.

Utilizing Kubota membranes allows owners to operate their industrial wastewater systems at high mixed liquor concentrations leading to some of the smallest footprints available in the industry. This means more of your valuable space can be dedicated to production rather than wastewater treatment. Besides minimizing your footprint, our membranes also allow owners to reduce water consumption at their facilities. We do this by producing reuse quality permeate that can be used in the production facility for a variety of applications such as tank washdowns, heating/cooling, or even the production process itself. If, on the other hand, you want to expand your production capacity but your current system can’t handle it, we can retrofit our membranes into your existing tanks and increase your capacity by a factor of 4 or 5.

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